Pride of Bukom



French director Alexis Rossi follows boxer and fisherman Nii Armarh Tetteh on his quest to become Ghana’s pugilistic pride. Bukom, the sleepy fishing town where Tetteh lives and works, has been forged by the culture of boxing, and by the legacy of the many champions who have come from this disadvantaged area. “Despite its deprived background,” explains Paris-based Rossi, “the town has produced five world boxing champions since the 1960s.” Tetteh, as a contender, is driven to become the next great victor, Rossi continues: “He is an ordinary fisherman who is also pursuing an extraordinary dream.”



Text by Nowness






Press & Awards


. Cannes Corporate Media and TV awards 2018 : Gold for best Culture and Sports video
. Premiere on Nowness for 1 year
. Dazed and Confused

Production Company: 87seconds
Starring: Nill Armarh Tetteh
Director: Alexis Rossi
DOP: Elie Delpit
Editing: Elie Delpit
Assistant editor: Axel Jobin
Colorgrading and compositing: Victor Mudry
Music & sound design: Paul Asbati
Special thanks to Solomon Otoo Lartey, Roger Barnor and Thomas Senant


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